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      Been really focusing on getting my form down the best that I can. Want to be able to lift my heaviest while maintaining a good form. I feel as if I may need to get my shoulders and chest back more. Not wanting arch my back too much. Let me know what you think!! Thanks!

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      Dylan Spina

      Whats Up Homie?! Lift looked good, the form was real solid. The one thing from watching the video that I think would help you is understanding the hips get pushed to the bar not the bar to the hips. The deadlift is a leverage and a push, not a pull. What you are doing is pulling the bar to the hips. I want you to think about keeping the bar in a straight path and jamming your hips into the bar hard. You can do this by squeezing the glutes super hard together. A couple exercises to help teach this when also done correctly is the 45* back ext when the only muscle to contract is the glutes by squeezing them together and not overextending arching the back. Also, another exercise that would help tremoundsly is banded Good Mornings. Stand on the band with your feet shoulder width apart then put the band behind your neck so there are 3 points of contact with the band. Hinge back externally rotating the hips, squeeze the glutes and push the hips forward.


      -Dylan Spina
      IVB Trainer and Nutrition Coach

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