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The Community

Update your status, interact with the community, add friends, and more!

Zach Homol Fitness is your new home for social media when it comes to fitness. Your membership includes the ability to upload one lift per week in the community section to be reviewed by a trainer here at Iron Valley Barbell. You can update your profile picture, header, and status as if you are on Facebook. Grow your profile by commenting on posts and adding friends to increase your fitness network!

Monthly Men's Programs

Every four weeks new phases are added!

Never become stagnant in your fitness journey. Every four weeks we are dropping new Powerbuilding phases using Zach's unique approach to gaining size and strength that will keep you LEAN and STRONG all year long. Also included in your membership is the three phases for the Bench everyday program to take your bench press to new heights.

Monthly Ladies Programs

Ladies we have you covered!

Endless 4 week programs are available for you once you are a member. This includes Ashley's Cut It Out programs as well as the Booty Builder. We also know how busy you guys are so we put together a collection of result driven At Home workouts for those days you can't make it to the gym.

Fitness Tracker

See and track your progress

With the built in fitness tracker, you have the ability to not only track your weight daily but also add your measurements of body parts such as forearm, biceps, triceps, etc. Also, you can upload a daily progress picture (only seen by you) so you can continue to see your results. You can view your results by clicking overview and see the chart with your progress!

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Nutrition Programs

Easy to follow nutrition

Your membership to Zach Homol Fitness includes 3 meal plans including Clean Mass, Shredz, and Intermittent Fasting. Included is a breakdown of what foods to eat as well as a whole list of substitution foods with their macro breakdowns. 

Military Training

Combat Oriented and Platoon Training

Zach has talked with dozens of military personnel to build combat oriented and platoon training workouts to make sure our military is ready for combat. The exercises are very specific and relate directly to daily military objectives. 

Sports Training

Football, Wrestling, and Baseball

Athletes and coaches, we have included targeted training specifically for your athlete whether it is wrestling, football, or baseball. Follow along with the programs to breed results in your program and athlete. With in season and out of season phases, the work never stops and you will continue to grow. Every sport and phase is included with your membership.

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